RDLincoln, Inc. is in the business of private labeling and customizing skin care, hair care and specialty products for the health and beauty industry.

The founders of RDLincoln realized that there was a great divide and communication loss between the end consumer, manufacturer and chemists who design the product due to the extensive supply chain. We wanted to change that, and that’s exactly what we’ve done! Through RDLincoln you will be able to discuss your needs and wants for your product. We’ll sit down and layout all your options and work with you until we can find the best-suited product for your specific needs. Speak directly to our formulators and feel free to take a tour of our facility; you can even observe your products while they are being made!

The Cosmetic and Personal Care Industry in 2005 recorded gross sales of 59 Billion dollars and estimated by CaptialQ, Hoover’s, Inc. and Starmin Corp. will continue to grow at 7% annually.

Recognizing globalization, RDLincoln sees the potential for all to invest, however we also see the dangers of purchasing cheaper ingredients. It is for that reason RDLincoln is committed to bring you only the best we can. We are constantly researching new ingredients and key agents so that what you’re getting is a solid, consistent, reliable product.

In the past years, we’ve helped several , entrepreneurs, small companies, and large conglomerates turn their growing businesses into flourishing multi-million dollar gross sales firms.

To Our Customers our goals are to:

A. Provide the very best and effective product from start to finish that the industry currently offers while being cost efficient.

B. Help starting entrepreneurs enter the marketplace with the product of their dreams without the weighty high-minimum quantities of initial orders; unreasonably high up-front costs; or heavy high costs per unit.

C. Knowing that the product is not the end of the business cycle, we want to help you understand the complete process of how your product is made and it’s business life cycle within the Cosmetic and Personal Care industry.

E. With our highly integrated network and supply chain consolidation, we are also able to help you design a packaging and marketing plan that’ll make your product different from the rest and prosper!

F. We are committed to providing what you want and when you want it. Through our 15 plus years of experience we understand timing can production efficiency is key. Our is goal to meet your requests.


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